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November 2023

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The Municipal Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (PKVEE) for the Municipality of Suhareka describes a strategic roadmap for improving energy efficiency within the municipality from 2024 to 2026.

This plan includes initiatives and measures aimed at reducing energy consumption, promoting sustainability and implementing practices that benefit the environment and the local community. The plan also includes areas such as energy conservation, CO2 reduction in the municipality, adoption of renewable energy and infrastructure improvements to achieve more efficient use of energy in the municipality of Suhareka.

Metodologjia e implementimit dhe raportimit lidhur me Planin Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë (PKVEE)

Tetor 2023

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Metodologjia për implementimin dhe raportimin lidhur me zbatimin e Planit Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë shërben si një vegël e vlefshme për komunat që duan të hartojnë dhe zbatojnë planet e tyre.

Qëllimi i kësaj metodologjie është t'u ndihmojë autoriteteve lokale të Komunës së Suharekës në përgatitjen dhe zbatimin e Planit Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë, e që mund të shërbej si një përvojë e vlefshme edhe për komunat e tjera.

Ky program financohet nga Bashkimi Evropian dhe zbatohet nga Akademia e Studimeve Politike, Insitituti i Prishtinës për Studime Politike dhe partnerët e tyre. Pikëpamjet e shprehura në këtë publikim janë përgjegjësi vetëm e autorëve dhe në asnjë mënyrë nuk mund të konsiderohet se pasqyrojnë pikëpamjet e Bashkimit Evropian

OPEN CALL for Two experts on the project 'Pathway towards an efficient use of local natural resources'

Shtator 2023

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The invitation under this tender is dedicated to two local experts in Kosovo and Albania to develop the methodology for fulfilling the duties of reporting energy data to national

The local government units in Kosovo and Albania (municipalities) are required by national law,
in both countries to report data to the national institutions, mainly the Energy Efficiency Agency, and the National Statistics Agency. In this context, a methodology for reporting data will be carried out.

It will be used to ease the job of reporting and increase collaboration with national institutions.


December 2022

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These reports elaborate the general energy consumption behavior of citizens living in the municipality of Suhareka in Kosovo and the municipality of Kurbini in Albania. The target groups are divided into the household and business sectors. In addition, the reports elaborate on the overall national-level policies and institutional frameworks in place that play a role in designing, supporting and implementing aspects of energy and climate efficiency across sectors.

ALBANIA – KOSOVO (2014 – 2020)

The project "The road to efficient local use of natural resources". This project is financed The project is implemented by:
from the European Union Academy of Political Studies
Pristina Institute for Political Studies
Kurbin Municipality
Suharekë municipality

Call for two (2) experts to prepare the Action Plan on Energy Efficiency in Suhareka

October 2022

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The invitation under this tender is dedicated for two local experts to develop the Local Action Plan on Energy Efficiency in Suhareka for the period 2023-2026. The Action Plan shall be built on the criteria of quantification of costs, emissions saved and identification of co-benefits.

The experts that will be involved in carrying out the implementation, strategy, manual, etc will be working jointly to share experience and ensure the CBC effect in both Kurbin and Suhareka.

Green Entrepreneurship - Changemaker in the Western Balkans

June 2022

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As the six Balkan countries are transforming their policies and becoming less carbon-intensive, promoting a green economy and green businesses is just the first component of transforming their economies.

The green economy framework promotes coherence between economic and environmental policies and further support the SDGs that are meant to be integrated with sustainable development.

Green businesses, also known as sustainable enterprises, aim to strike a balance between profit and resource sustainability.

This Policy Brief aims to explain the challenges of the Western Balkans in promoting a green economy and green businesses as the first step in transforming their economies.

Green groups and their role in the parliament’s green agenda

June 2022

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Once considered radical outsiders, the Greens are nowadays claiming an increasingly important role in mainstream politics, particularly in Europe.
Coupled with the urgency of climate change and the loss of support for traditional viewpoints, the Greens worldwide
have moved from single-issue environmental groups to inclusive political groups capable of developing and monitoring policies for key state institutions.

Thus, more and more people are supporting green policies, but who are the Greens, and what do they represent
in today’s politics? This Policy Brief aims to explain what the purpose of these green groups is and their role in the parliament's green agenda.

Energy Sector in Kosovo "An overview of the Implementation of Green Agenda for the Western Balkans (GAWB) for Kosovo"

June 2022

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Being a post-war country with a fragile economy, the Government of Kosovo with the support of the international community aims to develop the economy through direct investment and/or improving the investment climate. As a transition economy, the energy sector needs serious and substantial reforms.

This policy goal for the energy sector has been a sustainable, clean, and secure energy supply that will support the developing economy and increase social welfare.

This report will analyze the actors, legislation in force, strategic documents, current obstacles and identify areas for improvement of the Energy Sector in Kosovo during the implementation of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans (GAWB).