Communication of the SAA - The role and influence of the media in shaping public opinion

October 2017

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This publication aims to illustrate the role and influence of the media in relation to the Stabilization and Association Agreement based on two aspects: informing and properly shaping public opinion regarding the SAA; reporting and increasing the transparency and efficiency of institutions in monitoring and implementing the SAA. The paper will also briefly touch on the importance of media impartiality and independence when it comes to covering the SAA process and EU integration in general.

Reflection of national energy efficiency policies at the local level


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This study focuses in briefly analyzing energy policies at the EU level in order to understand the current legal basis at the domestic level, and further elaborates the impact of central-level EE policies in local-level ones. The study mainly aims at assessing the current legal framework on EE, identifying its shortcomings and proposing recommendations that could contribute to the completion of the legal and institutional framework at the local level. Furthermore, the study aims to point out the difficulties and challenges faced by local governments, which have proved to serve as an obstacle in creating functional effective municipal structures that will be decisive for improving energy efficiency, respectively for creation of a sustainable energy system at the domestic level.

Citizens' general knowledge and perception on SAA

September 2016

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This research report provides an analytical overview of findings of public opinion polling conducted by the Prishtina Institute for Political Studies measuring citizens' perceptions and knowledge on the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. This research has been conducted as part of the “Promoting the
Stabilisation Association Agreement and launching a public discourse on Kosovo's European Future'' project implemented by PIPS.

The impact of energy efficiency financial mechanisms in boosting local development

June 2016

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This study elaborates the effect of energy efficiency investments in economic development through policy development and establishment ofinvestment incentive mechanisms. It provides a description of the situation in this sector and its potential in local economic development: creation of a local market, better employment opportunities, and improvement of public welfare, reduction of energydependence, cleanerenvironment, and conservation of resources.

How to participate efficiently?


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This guide is a concise overview of ideas, recommendations and experiences of CSOs from South East Europe region dealing with energy efficiency public policies. It is also an overview of methods through which certain results have been achieved. It consists of a number of advices on how to encourage and organize public dialogue, accompanied by specific examples.

Kosovo towards Council of Europe Membership: Compliance of legislation with membership criteria

December 2014

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The purpose of this report will be to assess the level of compliance of Kosovo legislation with rule of law principles and human rights norms and standards enshrined in the Statute of the Council of Europe, as a condition for CoE membership. The report will start by describing briefly the formal procedures and criteria for membership in the CoE as well as assessment of the rule of law principles and human rights norms from the CoE perspective. Then it will assess the law-making process in Kosovo and how much the Kosovo legislation actually complies with the rule of law principles and human rights standards. It will also assess the legal mechanisms established to monitor the implementation and to ensure the effective enforcement of Kosovo legislation.